Will NYS DOH mend its ways and dump Gnozzio?

If the sources that say Maribeth J. Gnozzio’s contract with the NYS Department of Health expires August 31 are correct, the question is will the DOH put New Yorkers first and sever all ties with Gnozzio?

As readers of this blog already know, Gnozzio, also known as Maribeth Janiszewski, oversaw a fund established by her husband, Robert C. Janiszewski, a former County Executive in New Jersey, who pled guilty in 2002 to taking more than $100,000 in bribes. Records show that as soon as he began helping the feds he began “directing campaign funds (in excess of $200,000) to a private campaign account” that was placed in Gnozzio’s name. More than one person believes Mr. Janiszewski worked with the feds in part to protect Gnozzio from prosecution.

All of us have skeletons in our closet, some of us learn from them and mend our ways, other don’t. Given Gnozzio’s treatment of people, her treatment of providers and her treatment of some of the Regional Resource Development Centers, it is clear she hasn’t mended a thing. It was, for instance, Gnozzio who gave the verbal directive that service coordinators, i.e. case managers for people on the TBI Waiver, are not to side with their clients in Medicaid Fair Hearings. The DOH, by the way, has still not put their position on this matter in writing.

My guess is that given her connections in the Democratic Party – her husband was at one time considered one of New Jersey’s top three Democrats – somebody figured stashing her in the NYS DOH would be a safe place to put her, which would have been true, had she mended her ways.

Will the DOH mend its ways and dump Gnozzio or will it continue as the state’s renegade agency, ignore the governor’s call for ethics reform, and make a laughing stock of Nirav R. Shah, the new DOH Commissioner?


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