Promoting violence against children

You can’t support violence against children and be a Christian at the same time.  You can’t support violence against children and be emotionally well at the same time. State Representative Gail Finney, a Democrat from Kansas, disagrees. She recently proposed a bill allowing parents,teachers and  caregivers  to spank children so hard they can leave bruises. A visit to her website reveals someone who very clearly believes she is a Christian and no doubt believes she is the very picture of emotional health.

Sick and distorted is the mind that supports violence against children and believes themselves just in doing so.

There is something sickeningly insidious about Finney’s bill. Consider this; given that spankings in schools are currently legal in Kansas (and 18 other states! ) what on earth would compel anyone to propose a bill that legalizes bruising a child’s buttocks? Does Finney truly believe they are not being hit hard enough? It would seem so.

John Bradshaw, a widely-respect philosopher, theologian, counselor, and teacher has repeatedly warned about the pulverizing damage caused by violence against children.  His Healing the Shame presentation is particularly enlightening,  powerful, and poignant. More than once I’ve heard him remind adults that when a child is being hit, they are being hit by someone who is, at minimum, twice their size. Imagine someone twice your size hitting you for a moment. Now, imagine a child, who does not have an extensive enough life history to know they are being abused. As a result, the child believes this is the way it’s supposed to be. This is what he or she deserves. And therein lies the savage psychic damage many never recover from.

While I wish Finney no harm, I do wish her emotional health. In the meantime, she should resign from office. It would be the Christian thing to do.