Written December 10, 2006

In the preceding entry there is a newspaper article about my court victory against the NY State Crime Victims Board. In fact, in my view, it was a victory against a CVB policy, not the entire CVB.

The CVB had adopted a misguided policy that said no crime victim would be reimbursed for telephone counseling. This, of course, is an appalling policy. I have known many victims (survivors of rape, gunshot wounds, etc.) that for physical or emotional reasons cannot get out of their homes or have a terribly difficult time retaining the ability to leave their homes. My guess is this policy was advocated by one or two people and the CVB made an honest mistake by adopting it.

Having said all this, the recent court decision in my favor is in fact a victory for the NY State Crime Victims Compensation Board just as it is a victory for all crime victims in my state. It would be brutally unfair to define the CVB by a single policy. The best boards in the world have made mistakes, or adopted a policy they believed was effective and then later changed their course. The NY CVB has done right by me for years and some of their staff have helped me in ways so meaningful the scope of my gratitude is beyond my ability to describe.

It was the policy that was flawed, not the entire CVB.


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