Our admirable foolish pride helps Trump

I am not jumping up and down with joy because Hillary Clinton is the Democrat’s nominee for the presidency. However, you can bet I’m going to vote for her because Donald Trump is a direct threat to what freedoms and rights we do have at the moment. You’re a fool, delusional, or, astonishingly gullible, if you don’t think the man is a flat out racist and bigot and misogynist, if you’re going to vote for him, you are, to some degree, a bigot.

Now, there are friends of mine who, like me, love Bernie Sanders and wish to hell he’d won the nomination. Sanders has urged his followers to vote for Clinton, pointing out, correctly by the way, that now is not the time for a protest vote. Some, marching under the banner of admirable but misguided foolish pride, have rejected his advice. Some have even gone so far as to treat him as if he betrayed his own message. Rubbish. He realizes, like many of us do, that our country’s very ability to keep what shaky and unfairly distributed freedoms it currently has, is at risk. He realizes that the very freedoms we do have is what allowed his candidacy to succeed far more than anyone predicted (except Sanders) in the first place. He realizes that if Trump wins, these freedoms (and many others) that allowed his candidacy may not be around next time. Trump is already lining up freedom of the press in his cross-hairs.

When it comes to how a leader must treat the public, consider Trump: “[T]he better he understands how to treat them psychologically, the less the workers will distrust him, the more supporters he will win among these most energetic ranks of people. He himself has nothing in common with the mass; like every great man, he is all personality.”

By the way, Hitler said that, not Trump.*

Scared yet? I am. I’m also voting for Hillary Clinton.

*(The Rise & Fall of Third Reich, Simon & Schuster, 50th Anniversary Edition, pg. 48)

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The power of kindness

I am not beholden to that influential piece of propaganda that says kindness is weakness. Here’s one example of how wrong that propaganda is. The act of responding to anger and rage by walking away is an act of kindness because the person walking away, disengaging, if you will, is choosing not to inflame the moment any more than it already is. Yet the act of walking away is often considered weak. Rubbish. If it is an act of weakness to be kind, to walk away, then why is it so hard for so many to do exactly that?

If walking away was weakness doing it should be breeze, and it ain’t. As a human rights advocate, I’ve walked away, figuratively and literally, from some nasty, cruel and very often dishonest people, when a part of me fancied the idea of dribbling a few of them around the room and out the door.

There is a reasonable question to be asked. How is it, exactly, that walking away is, in fact, an act of kindness? If we equate the world we live in to the body and mind we live in, would it not be fair to say I am treating my body and mind with greater kindness by sparing both surges in stress and anxiety and anger? Are we not being kind to the world we live in when we choose not to add conflict? I certainly think so.

Kindness is just about as close to sacred as a human trait be, in large part  because you can’t have kindness without respect. Nearly every wound one human inflicts on another requires the absence of respect.  In fact, the depth of the wound one person inflicts on another, can often be measured by the degree to which the respect for the person is missing.

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Send a White Hood to Trump Campaign

Former KKK Grand Dragon Scott Shepherd says racists like Donald Trump.  That makes sense because not only is Donald Trump a bigot and misogynist, he is a racist. I am asking everyone to mail or peacefully deliver a white sheet or pillow case to Trump at the the address listed below. Include a note suggesting he be honest and wear the white hood.

In February, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Trump if he would disavow the white supremacist groups – and former KKK leader David Duke – who’d come out in support of his campaign. Trump said, “”I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists…  So I don’t know. I don’t know — did he endorse me, or what’s going on? Because I know nothing about David Duke; I know nothing about white supremacists.”

Later, Trump said he’d had a bad earpiece and couldn’t hear well which is a bizarre claim given his answer exactly matched the question he was asked.

Did I mention Trump’s a liar?

Please mail or peacefully deliver a white sheet or pillow case  to:

Donald J. Trump President, Inc
C/O Trump Tower
725 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10022

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Dancing with the day

I do not fear

the word or experience sensual.

So much of life is.

This cool crisp sweet-breezy morning,

a tasty being,

all senses dance.

These are my words

dancing with the day.


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Salsa to tango

Sweet water wet sliding skin to skin tongues

Dancing salsa to tango to jitterbug to hips thrusting

Sultry smooth trucking down highways from

Salsa to tango and back again

Chest peacock proud stride-dancing

Up and down the neighborhood curbs

In the swirling west coast swing we go from

Salsa to tango and back again


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