It Was Your Heart I Wanted

In this hard stone granit loss moment

I hold close the words of my never 

To be gone language until I am 

Singing it was your heart I wanted

In the face of love fear driven knees

Buckle from history’s wounds standing

On Ode to Joy’s unflinching throne  

Singing it was your heart I wanted 

Casting a glance over my shoulder

I hold close the dream all gone

Grateful it whispered soft to me

It was your heart I wanted

This day now moves past sunset gold 

Words gently grace this page dancing 

Humility it is more than just you

It was your heart I wanted

Dancing Feathered Highways

Dancing soft footed down feathered highways

Dreaming of my father mother where’d they go

My dancing rhythmic movements pleading

Hear me my call my heart my soul

Don’t let the sun down past mountains

Beyond where silence absorbs

The scope of things

Silencing breath

Wake Up Family America


Moving muscled rhythms ‘cross the floor
Shape shifting time as boredom
Bends the mind we are
In this together
Brothers and sisters
We are believe it
Or not we are
In this together
Saying it ain’t so
Don’t make it so
We are all America
We are family
Wake up



For Congressman John Lewis

What I wouldn’t give to be in a conversation with…

What I wouldn’t give to be in a conversation with

Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Haydn. Hell. All of them.

Add John Steinbeck and James Salter, Charles Dickens! Leo Tolstoy!  Edith Wharton, Shakespeare,  Dos Passos, Austen, Emily Dickinson. Hell. All of them.

And Lincoln, Washington, TR, FDR. Hell. All of them.

Dr. King, Mandela, Gandhi, Malcom, Sadat, Eleanor Roosevelt. Hell. All of them.