Let’m come

Sweet pulse muscle moves

me onward up hill

climbing days

let’m come

Leg churning piston drives

open sky breeze shifting

feather touching

let’m come

Powered legs raise me standing

unflinching unbowed vision

clear sighted I say

let’m come






Spit shine

Let me spit shine some words for a ramble

on this page words my words be

rhythms set free they walk stride skip

carrying you along for how long

we’ve yet to see remember

to breathe now breathe

necessary you


Complete Where I Am

I am complete where I am; loss does not incomplete me.

While loss does not incomplete me, I’m tired of it, though my weariness has no bearing on life; life happens to us whether we like it or not. It is how we react that makes a difference, or, if we are not paying attention, makes no difference at all, and leaves us trapped in sameness, an unpleasant cell if ever there was one.

We are, each of us, whole and complete, simply because we are. Voices, experiences, messages, losses, all these things can lead us to believe that without something outside ourselves we are not whole, not worthy, that somehow without the presence of another, of something, we barely exist, if, in fact, we exist at all.

I am complete where I am; so are you. Loss does not incomplete me, nor does it incomplete you.

Be you. You’re already there.