Amatory movement


turns words

loose in me

gentle soft travelers

sent across all of her

being in deep amatory

movement wandering

her sweet configurations

in velvet darkness

feather tasting

undulating shapes

I’d believe

unreal if

I wasn’t




for a dream


I can see you, out there!

I am glad you’re alive,
sweet ears listening from afar.
I can see you, out there!
I can send my words loving
you full length, all depth and wonder.
I can see you, out there!
On the crest of every sunrise,
and every sunset too.

Beyond my reach

She’s out there somewhere

Her dancing rhythm’s

Dreaming dancing color


We danced side by side

Shape shifting magic real

Beyond my reach


She taught me

Skin to skin embracing

Soul to soul


I loved her then

And love her still

To eternity and beyond


She’s out there

Across the giant pond

Beyond my reach


We’re still alive

Now here we go

Rim-shot shuckle-sloop

Off sleeping down

Razor blade highways

Shingle shack cigars

Puffing clouds on corners

In the haloed shade

Her slip-sliding hips

Move me into motion

Hair tossing thinking

Don’t stop now

We’re still alive


Sister sister I hear

You singing dreams

Heaven sent rhythms

Shuckle-jiving  placing

Hands against hearts

Your smile bedewing

My smiling eyes

Skipping ‘cross sidewalks

Past honky-tonks

Gleaming midnight dreams

You move me thinking

Don’t stop now

We’re still alive


Sweet deep sister voice

Moving soul-silk earth-deep

Pulsing muscles move

Dancing joy’s hearts

Yes yes yes

We’re still alive


For E.D. with love and respect