It Was Your Heart I Wanted

In this hard stone granit loss moment

I hold close the words of my never 

To be gone language until I am 

Singing it was your heart I wanted

In the face of love fear driven knees

Buckle from history’s wounds standing

On Ode to Joy’s unflinching throne  

Singing it was your heart I wanted 

Casting a glance over my shoulder

I hold close the dream all gone

Grateful it whispered soft to me

It was your heart I wanted

This day now moves past sunset gold 

Words gently grace this page dancing 

Humility it is more than just you

It was your heart I wanted

Marty & Sheila (a divertimento in the key of dialogue)

  • No, Sheila, it’s not that. I want to know for a couple a reasons.
  • More than a couple.
  • No doubt, no doubt. I just need to know if I am the only one in this experience. Think of it as an alignment thing. If I’m out here standing on a rock by myself, having this experience, okay. I’m not worried about me, per se, but it’d be helpful if I could understand how I got standing on this rock by myself. I’m in my sixties. The mind can go, you know. I’d like to try to keep mine in the front yard. If I’m not standing alone on the rock, or you’re in sight of it, how do you explain this?
  • We’re friends, close friends. What kind of rock is it? Is it a nice rock?