Okay, so let me see if I have this right. President Bush today said he can’t be sure if there is a civil war in Iraq because he lives in a nice place like the White House; he called the idea that his administration would manipulate evidence against Iran “preposterous” and he said “I go out of my way to thank the families” of military members to help morale.

If thanking the families takes Bush out of his way something is terribly wrong. If living in nice place like the White House stops him from recognizing a civil war we can only be grateful Abraham Lincoln didn’t have the same cognitive deficit. His puffed up indignation at the idea people would doubt his administration’s evidence against another country may mean that living in a nice place like the White House makes it hard for him to identify reality itself.

It is time for the “men in white coats” to come and take this delusional dangerous man to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. They should take Vice President Dick Cheney too because that sadistic (and cowardly) man keeps saying we are winning in Iraq, never mind the ever increasing number of casualities. And both of these men possess a kind of moral heartlessness that prompts them to send members of the miltary into war without proper equipment!

While both these men, and I use the term men loosely, talk about the worldwide fight against terror, both pulled strings to avoid fighting in Vietnam. While former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld may have been the most dangerous defense secretary in my country’s history, the man had courage. On 9/11 Rumsfeld was in the thick of it, helping to rescue Pentagon employees from the burning building. Say what you want about the man, he has courage; the kind of courage you can’t fake. Bush and Cheney are all about fake.

Here’s my idea for Bush and Cheney. In my state there is something called a Two-PC. This stands for two-physician consult and can be used to admit someone to a hospital for a mental health evaluation when someone is determined to be a danger to themselves or others and will not admit themselves voluntarily.

Now I know there are some who would argue against me here. Some like, say, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News or the cigar-sucking pill-popping Rush Limbaugh. I’m sure both would say Bush and Cheney are real Americans, great Americans even. Okay, well, let’s review. Bush claims the quality of his living quarters prevents him from knowing if there is a civil war in Iraq. Despite ever-increasing casualty numbers, Cheney says we’re winning. Knowing that most Americans and most members of the world community know the Bush administration cooked the books so they could start a war, they decided the best way to show they were being honest about their claimed evidence against Iran was to grab a couple of miltary personnel in Iraq, hide their identity, have a closed meeting, present a paucity of evidence, none of which directly ties Iran’s leadership to the Iranian weaponary on the streets of Iraq, and, just to top it all off, they didn’t tell the new defense secretary Robert Gates what they were doing.

All I know about American history tells me that every time our country has been asked to go to war, the administration presented their evidence and views to the country. Never do I recall and administration so sleazy and dishonest that it decided to present evidence anonymously. Evidence many think will be used as a reason to start a war against Iran. Then again, why should we be surprised? There are more than 3,000 American dead now because this administration cooked the books to start a war. Cheney and Bush should go to jail or to a mental hospital, take your pick.

The American people made their view very clear in the last election. Congress should listen. As Americans, we may fight and bicker and argue our political views, with all kinds of zest. But mess with our country’s ability to be safe, and we are Americans first, not Republican, Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals. Lets hope this administration and this congress understand that. Because it is true – and that is not fake.


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