I am with all my heart glad you are alive Bob Woodruff. I say that here first because when a friend of mine hugged me after I returned from the hospital after sustaining my brain injury, he said, “I’m glad you’re alive, I’m so glad you’re alive, I don’t know what to say” I realized I’m glad you’re alive is just about the most beautiful thing anyone can say. And so I say it to Mr. Woodruff now and I am grateful my friend said it to me just weeks after I was shot in the head, leaving the bullet lodged in my brain.

The ABC special last night about Bob Woodruff and so much more brought the harsh realities that come with traumatic brain injury (TBI) to the public’s attention like never before. He and his wife Lee (and their families) have, by allowing so many to see Mr. Woodward’s journey thus far, helped drive home the reality that those of us with TBIs are human beings, not remnants of human beings, not piecemeal human beings, not human beings to be used by greed-driven medical providers or greed-driven attorneys in order to fill their wallets and puff their egos. Those of us with brain injuries or with any disability for that matter, are still people.

While a disability might change or take away one’s ability to walk, see, remember, hear, talk, eat, or manage emotion or movement, it never takes away one’s humanity. Only humans do that.


  1. Did people believe you, when you relayed the uncaring statements generated by the Therapist?I shall storm Heaven with my prayers…I am truly sorry for your loss.


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