Keep Bernard L. Madoff in jail for Godsakes. The guy is the likely head of a $50 billion Ponzi scheme and what? He’s home in his penthouse with an ankle bracelet on? Are you kidding me? Now it seems he and his wife have begun mailing valuables to family members. And there is still some question in the eyes of some nitwits as to whether or not this twit should be in jail?

A Ponzi scheme, by the way, is a pyramid scheme of sorts in which a fraudulent investment operation pays returns to investors from money paid into the scheme by other investors when, in fact, there are no profits at all. The scheme is named after Charles Ponzi who used it when he immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1903.

And then we have poor Harry Markopolos, a financial examiner who’d been warning the SEC for nearly 10 years about Mr. Madoff. He was supposed to be a star witness for Congress when suddenly he backed off claiming, in part, that he was not feeling well enough to travel.

Let me pause here for a moment because there is a chance, however remote that might be, that someone reading this may believe Mr. Markopolos is telling the truth about not feeling well and is not being coerced, pressured or, dare I say it, threatened into not testifying. Lest I leave such a reader unattended, may I say to him or her that I willing to sell my 600,000 acres of the approved-for-oil-drilling parcel of Alaska Wilderness for the amazingly reasonable price of $100,000 – cash on the barrelhead, thank you very much.

My heart does go out to those of Mr. Markopolos’s ilk. I’ve been a human rights activist and whistle blower at times when people are getting, how shall I say, fucked over, and have paid a heavy price for it.

But as to where Mr. Madoff should be resting his dishonest greedy little head? A nice firm cell bunk would be my choice. I think that’s a nice return for him, dontcha think?



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