I am at Barnes and Noble on Wolf Road in Albany, it is just a minute or two past noon. Took myself out for coffee and two oatmeal raisin cookies; I am splurging.

It dawns on me that everything I am looking at was created by human beings. Born from the thoughts and creativity of human beings; mind you, in some cases, born from lack of creativity.

With some exceptions most of the books are essentially sprung from one mind with the attending influences of editors, agents and publishers. But it’s more than the books. The rugs, shelves, tables, chairs, lighting, wall colors, and more are all designed by people and ,more often than not, all of these things are driven in some significant measure by the desire to get something from people. Their money.

A woman just passed me wearing a rather nondescript winter jacket with the name of designer, Kenneth Cole, printed in large letters on the back, up where her shoulder blades are. This would make sense to me if it was a jersey for a sports team but, call me crazy, I’m having a hard time believing her name is Kenneth Cole.

I don’t want somebody’s name written on my clothing. But in this case, the name Kenneth Cole is their to assist in the effort to relieve people of their money.

Yet, who am I to judge?

There are a lot of people in this world making a lot of things and they bring a range of motivations to their work. There are authors, fashion designers and more who give their heart and soul to their work and are wonderfully creative. I was involved with a woman for awhile who made jewelry. But, using the word made understates the quality and result of her efforts. She created jewelry.

I do have one observation here that troubles me. Everything I see in front of me is human-driven and there is something missing. Something so essential to the human experience none of us would be alive without it. Nature. The unfettered, unabbreviated by people, reality of nature.

Nature’s truth. There is something essential, something spiritually, emotionally and physically nutritious for all of us in nature. Something I believe we ought to know, touch, see, smell, breathe, taste. That something I believe is, in a word, life. The light inside the bulb, the thought inside the mind, and the spirit that lives and breathes in every heart.

I do not pretend to know what happens to us after this life, if anything. But I strongly believe that if there is something after this life, we will be less suited for it if we stay isolated from nature.

Last thought, for now. Nature heals. And from my heart to your heart, we deserve to heal, you deserve to heal.



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