An unsigned statement from the Vatican claiming Pope Benedict XVI was unaware of Bishop Richard Williamson’s statements denying the holocaust makes the ludicrous look reasonable. Unless of course we are to assume the Vatican has it’s vetting process conducted by, say, a tree stump.

And why is the statement unsigned? Is the Pope so George Bush-like that he too is incapable of admitting a mistake?

By the way, if you are one of the few who believes the Vatican statement, I know of a wonderful Bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell you.

The unsigned Vatican statement asks Williamson to take back his statements denying the Holocaust and the existence of gas chambers as well as his insistence that no more than 300,000 Jews died in the concentrations camps.

Take it back? Are you kidding me? Are we in some school yard when one kid demands another kid, who has said something to anger him, take it back? What’s the reasoning here? If he takes it back it means he didn’t mean it? Are you kidding me?

No one frees themselves of the poison of Antisemitism or any form of bigotry by simply taking it back. And if we were talking about Christianity here, then no Christian, clergy or layperson, would claim the holocaust didn’t happen. Moreover, no Christian would say what Austrian clergyman Gerhard Maria Wagner said when he said Hurricane Katrina was an act of “divine retribution” for New Orleans’ sexual permissiveness. The non-Christian Pope leaped into action on that front as well by promoting Wagner to Bishop.

The non-Christian Papacy marches on.


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