Ex-Wives and Little Boy Biffy

It has been a very, very long time since I have inflicted violence on anyone. However, there are times when people behave in such a way that I am inclined to think giving them a good hard crack upside their heads may, in fact, be the best move. The truth is I would not inflict violence on anyone anymore unless, of course, I was defending my life or someone else’s life; but it is, I am not embarrassed to admit, somewhat enjoyable to contemplate giving one or two people a good smack.

I recently wrote an e-mail to several people close to my ex-wife to see how she was doing. She is dealing with a rather formidable medical challenge and although it has been well over a decade since we have even seen each other, my concern and worry for her runs deep and true.

Having said that, there are a few in her, well, camp, if you will, that don’t know how to let go of the past and one, in particular, we will call him Little Boy Biffy, wrote back a pretty nasty e-mail to me. I can understand that because my e-mail inquiring about her health was certainly brutal. It read, and I quote:

Dear All,

Could someone please let me know how Paula is doing? We’d exchanged a few e-mails late last year and I last heard from her on Jan. 3. I am so deeply worried.

My prayers and best wishes and love are with her and with all of you.


Pretty rough language on my part, come to think of it. Then of course, Little Boy Biffy writes back something nasty to me which will go unquoted. Suffice it to say I invited him over in case Little Boy Biffy would like to, well, you know, tell me in person. I’d even make him a cup of coffee. I actually would. More often than not, tough guy bravado vanishes when face to face with someone, and perhaps Little Boy Biffy might learn a bit about me, and of course, I could learn about him.

But I’m not expecting any visitors. Cowards don’t respond well to invitations.


One thought on “Ex-Wives and Little Boy Biffy

  1. Peter, My dear friend and loyal confidant, I’m very much in tune with what your dealing with all to well. Recently I went to end a problem I’m currently dealing with and both of the people contacted out right lied to the offical calling them. How brave they are behind a phone and not telling the truth. Here I’m offering them both a challenge to there manhood and reputation’s. Do either of you cowards want to meet me at my gym? There is a boxing room and equiptment to protect there heads. I of course won’t be needing that because after a few punches to there heads they will be lying on there backs with very sore bloody and battered faces. AH- I feel better already just issuing the challenge which I’m sure will go unanswered. See U Saturday, TBI’d and enjoying this new life !


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