Remember to Say I Love You

Remember to say I love you. Life is too short and too precious not to. If this sounds like a silly saccharin-like sentiment, I can’t help that. If you are one of those who finds it difficult to say the words, try saying them anyway. You deserve the gift of saying them and there are those who deserve the gift of hearing them – from you.

Don’t assume that people know you love them and therefore believe it is not necessary to say it. Even if, as you believe, they know, there is still something wonderful about hearing the words, so give yourself permission and turn them loose.

I was prompted to write this piece when I read this morning that the wife of Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Scott Schoeneweis was found dead at her home Wednesday. The body of 39-year-old Gabrielle Dawn Schoeneweis was found on the floor of the master bedroom by her 14-year-old daughter. I’ve dealt with my fair share of death in life but I can’t even get my mind around this one.

What I do know is that life happens to us whether we like it or not, and that includes death. So, if you love someone, tell them, and I hope people who love you remember to tell you, you deserve to hear it to.

My love to you all,

Peter S. Kahrmann


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