Days of Perfection

All too often we set aside our dreams for another day. It is as if we are waiting for that day of perfection: the sun shining crisp and clear, or, conversely, the ski slopes blanketed in glorious white, the bank account filled to the brim, our health all fine and dandy – that day of perfection. Too many believe they must wait for the day of perfection to arrive because then, and only then, they can loose themselves to live their dreams.

It will be a long wait.

The day of perfection is on you the moment you wake up because you woke up! Whatever the weather, the finances, the health, there are moments in the day when some dreams can come true, if you wait, put off, set aside, you never live your life the way, as Thoreau said, you imagined it.

At the risk of stating the obvious, though, sadly, in more cases than I want to think about, I am stating the not so obvious, Life is for living. There is, I swear to you, glory all around to see, taste, behold, breathe in, absorb, smell, hear and so forth. Not too long ago I was wandering on some trails, camera in hand, and there I saw some amazing milkweed pods. Milkweed pods, you say? You bet, milkweed pods. The words don’t float your boat? Then try the image.

Further down the trail I saw Queen Anne’s Lace when it was still nothing but a crown.

And then, of course, there is one of my favorites, the bull thistle.

And then, if you are giving yourself permission to live your dreams, you may, if you like hiking like I do, hear a sound behind you, turn, and see a lovely lady for a midday stroll standing no more than 10 feet from you.

My point is, life is for living. There are beautiful things in it. Go experience them – you deserve it.



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