The Days You Never Met

When the clock struck 1:44 p.m. on March 28 this year, I entered the first minute you never met. Now I am living the days you never met, forging the unbroken trail. Not knowing what’s around the bend on the road you never traveled.

I love you Dad heart and soul, my whole wide world and then some. I know, really know, I would not be alive today were it not for you. I would never have gotten back to my feet after being shot in the head at point blank range were you not present in that moment with me. Right there with me you were.

You left this world at 1:43 p.m. on August 16, 1969. You were only 55. If you count the number of days from your birthday on February 20 to August 16, and then count the same number of days from my birthday on October 2, you arrive on March 28.

And so here I am Dad, meeting the days you never met, living them for both of us. Life is what it is but for the most part it’s pretty good. I have a friend Michael Sulsona who has become my brother Michael Sulsona. You would’ve liked him and I know he would’ve liked you. While he lost his legs in Vietnam, he’s the tallest person I know.

I miss you. I remember your smell, the scent of you in your flannel shirts, the twinkle of kind love in your eyes, and in time we will meet again. If we don’t then there is no justice and I just can’t believe it’s all that unfair.

Happy father’s day, Daddy. I love you my whole wide world.


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