Second Chances

Escaping the moment of death can be a life changing experience for the better. Some might think escaping the moment of death is always a life changing for the better, but sadly this is not so. Many who have had this moment, I am one of them, are initially filled with gratitude and pledge new beginnings and then, when the immediacy of the event fades, we drift back into our old patterns. I know I did.

The question is what stops so many of us from reclaiming our lives in a way that lasts and truly frees of us of unhealthy life patterns and lifts us into healthy life patterns. I think the answer here is often found in the message or messages we’ve received in life that told us we are worthless. For some of us, these messages were inflicted by members of our family. Still others may have received these messages in other life arenas. I know, for example, that during my days of homelessness I was, more often than not, treated by the world as if I had less value than dirt.

Messages from our personal histories that impede our ability to experience our value and worth need to be banished. If not checked and eradicated, they can damage and even end our lives. They don’t deserve this kind of power. In fact, they deserve no power at all.

I was able to discover or rediscover my value when I got sober. I can’t tell anyone else what they should or shouldn’t do to discover or rediscover their value. However, I can tell you that you are wise to surround yourself with people who know your value and love you for it, people who are unflinchingly honest and will let you know when the villain messages are controlling you.

Whether you have the courage to listen is up to you.


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