Memo to My Gay & Lesbian Brethren

Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.

The fact Maine voters this week rejected the notion of gay marriage doesn’t just reflect that fact that some have a way to go in realizing people are equal, and being equal means equal rights, and equal rights means people who are Gay and Lesbian have the right to marry. So know, as I suspect you already do, that your extraordinary efforts are not about attaining the right to marry, they are about helping people recognize and accept the right is already there.

We are all prone to seeing the glass as half empty at times and certainly this week’s loss is wrenching. But don’t allow it so much say it robs you of recognizing the wondrous truth that the question of gay marriage was on the ballot!

It is only a matter of time. Equal rights don’t come easy, but they come. So keep on trucking and, for what it’s worth, know that this pen has you backed all the way.

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