Carnage Moments

Deadly violence leaves no space for words and less space for thought. It leaves room for nothing but the experience of overload. If, and I mean if you are fortunate enough to live through the violence, you know there is no point in describing it. Even though the moment of the experience has passed, there is still no space for words and as for thought, none can be shaped into any form of coherent expression. At least I can’t do it.

The recent carnage at Fort Hood and the hideous media feeding frenzy about it reflects so much of what has gone wrong with our species. The unchecked media jumps all over it, primarily salivating over the chance to increase ratings, only some truly caring about the dead and wounded along with their loved ones and those in the vicinity who were reminded that brutality happens in the blink of an eye and is anything but predictable.

My heart is with those who lived moments in which they believed they were going to die and did, and those who believed they were going to and, thankfully, didn’t.



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