Slime: Rupert Murdoch, Diane Savino, Et al

While I do not think New York Governor David Paterson is an effective governor and hope someone else takes the helm after the next election, recent statements using the governor’s blindness as a target are beyond disgusting. 

Rupert Murdoch, a man who makes shit look like a shiny piece of gold by comparison, said Paterson is "blind and can’t read Braille and doesn’t really know what’s going on."  According to Reuters, State Senator Democrat Diane Savino said Paterson’s effectiveness as governor is impeded by his blindness. This summer she said, “"He has people reading newspapers to him. He listens to tapes of staffers briefing him. All that takes an enormous amount of time."

This kind of bigotry is inexcusable. I live with a disability and personally know many who do. I can tell you now that my closest friend, a former United States Marine who lost both legs in Vietnam is the person who taught me you don’t have to stand up to stand tall in life. Others taught me you do not need sight to have vision and still others taught me you do not need to hearing to know the sounds of injustice.

And so, Mr. Murdoch and Senator Savino, we see you, hear you, and, by the way, stand taller than either of you.

By the way, I would not trade my disability for yours. Mine does not stop me from seeing the humanity in others.


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