Deadbeats, Dishonesty, and (wait for it) Advocacy & The Guardian Horntoads

Many years ago my friend Michael and made the tongue-in-check decision to form an organization called The Guardian Horntoads. Michael came up with this wonderful name, a play on the very serious and admirable group, The Guardian Angels.

Anyway, the Guardian Horntoads was formed around my not so tongue-in-cheek instinct to advocate, defend, expose, and take on the bully. Over the years this instinct has taken me down several paths; the fight for the Brady Bill, winning a law suit against the New York State Crime Victims Compensation Board, exposing a state contract employee’s bogus credentials and much more.

I am now involved with a group of people forming the Kahrmann Advocacy Center.

While my advocacy efforts are primarily in the professional, political and social arenas, I have no problem ratcheting up the advocacy machine when someone I love and care about is enduring a willful effort comprised of  dishonesty and, well, bullshit, to deny them the money and support they are legally entitled to.

It’s hard to take cries of poverty seriously when one half of those crying poverty is the productivity coach for a top Massachusetts realty firm in which she has millions of dollars worth of property listed (the top price in the eight internet pages of  listings this writer recently reviewed being a $1.95 million residential property in Groton) and the other half  is a teacher who doesn’t work in the summer.

This, you can be sure, is a situation I am watching and will continue to watch closely. It is my sincere hope that those now crying poverty will come to their senses and do the right thing. If not, I will move forward with ratcheting up the advocacy machine.


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