Passive Aggressive Bullshit

It is when I am on the page that I am in accurate proportion to the world around me. Here, I am right sized to the landscape of life. Here, unlike the roads, journeys and arenas of daily life, I can, but am not obliged to take prisoners. While I am accountable for my choices and actions in life, so are all others, including those few in these past 20 months or so who have have loudly proclaimed their love and friendship for me when, in truth, there was not a morsel of either to be found in their proclamations.

Today I am no mood to offer any slack to those whose so-called good deeds on my behalf were rooted in the selfish, prodding, vicious nastiness inherent in passive aggressive behavior. I will give a few people time to own their behavior and, here’s a novel notion, apologize, and do so sincerely. I  am not interested in some jump change bogus apology that is born of passive aggressive bullshit. Only with sincerity will the possibility of healing be known.

While I won’t cut anyone slack who doesn’t own their behavior, I will cut them loose.



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