Obama’s Wrong Turn & Greed Wins

Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders was right this week when he said, “I absolutely know that the insurance companies and the drug companies will be laughing all the way to the bank the day after this is passed.” If the healthcare reform bill (I use the term loosely) passes without a public option and without an earlier Medicare buy-in, the fat cat insurance companies win, and the American people lose.

Senator Joseph Lieberman’s last minute revolt against the bill because it had a Medicare buy-in (something Lieberman himself advocated) makes one wonder if his decision wasn’t his way of wounding the president because Obama had the audacity to beat Senator John McCain, Lieberman’s friend, in the presidential race. Lieberman is so duplicitous and slimy grease equals sandpaper by comparison.

The notion that Congress can’t take another run at this bill is, to use one of my mother’s favorite words, balderdash. Congress can take up any damn bill it wants. Howard Dean is right when he says this current bill should be tabled or defeated and the White House and others should be ashamed of themselves from taking a run at him.

Not surprisingly the American people are the losers here. The rich win again. And while I like this president, I am disgusted that he chose not to step up to the plate and fight for the public option, the one key element that would have gone a long way in right-sizing the insurance companies’ greed.

Someone should remind the president that a lot of us voted for him because we really believed in him, we really believed he would fight for us and not cave in to those who essentially kill Americans by making it impossible for them to afford healthcare.

The president and others should be on notice, we voted you in and we can vote you out.


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