Caring for Appearances and $ Only

I have lived with a brain injury for more than 25 years now as a result of being held up and shot in the head in 1984. Since then I have met people who care and don’t about those of us who live with brain injuries. I’ve also met those successfully manipulate many, myself included, into believing they do care when in fact they don’t.

I can tell you from firsthand experience that those who work for the Brain Injury Association of New York State care with all their hearts and souls. They have helped me through some tough times over the years and I can honestly say I love the people who work there. I am proud to be a member and would tell anyone who lives in New York they are making the world a better place by becoming a member.

I know people in the New York State Department of health who care with all their might. I recently met with two DOH official who care and then some, so be careful not to write off government agencies and or employees as being absent compassion and caring. Moreoever, I know healthcare providers in my state and other states care with all their might.

I also know healthcare providers who don’t care. Who see us as a means of making money and or as a means to inflating their dysfunctional egos by seeking to and, in too many cases, succeeding in controlling our every move.

In my years of working with people with brain injuries I have worked with two company owners who both put on quite a show of caring. One, who has since passed away, I’ve come to realize really did care. Sadly, very sadly in fact, his personal demons got in the way of his acting on his compassion in a healthy way. The second owner continues to put on quite a show of caring but in fact continues to operate a program in which participants rights are too often not respected.

I was forced out of the latter owner’s place because I would not be quiet when I saw people with brain injuries being denied their rights. Do I hate this owner or the one referenced earlier? No. I hate the latter’s behavior and feel sorry for the arrogance that blinds him to the fact life happens to him too whether he likes it or not – just like the rest of us. Were he wounded in life, I’d help him.

Anyway, one day at a time.

I’ll continue to expose those who misstep on the human rights front and support those who don’t, and, thankfully, there are many people in the latter group.


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