Good Morning 2010

There is something uplifting for me about the beginning of a new year. A fresh start maybe, my mind somehow believing it was quietly and discreetly refueled the last night of the prior year? Who knows. Beginnings can be nice. This one is.

There are all kinds of things to feel good about.

I am joyous at having finally begun to read Sinclair Lewis’s  books and since I am only on my third, Arrowsmith, I’ve already read Babbit and Main Street, there are many more to go. Kind of like have your cupboards filled with food after a good shopping.

I am in a breathtakingly wonderful relationship with Christine and have met and discovered that her two daughters, Anna and Emily, are, like their mother, angels.

My writing is beginning to go places I’ve never imagined. I am at a new comfort level with words and late last year even sent out a short story for publication and a writing contest. Go figure.

On top of all this, I continue to meet weekly with an extraordinary group of brain injury survivors, family members, friends, and healthcare professionals. Moreover, I am in the process of developing a statewide coalition for people living with brain injuries and to know they will be afforded a unified voice that will, when needed, level the playing field, is a wonderful piece of knowledge to have.

And while I am on disability with a sprinkling of income here and there, making me poor as an old worn sock, my life is wealthier than it has ever been.  Sobriety does that for you.

Anyway, life is good. I hope your day is going well and this morning of 2010 is the beginning of a wonderful year for you and your loved ones.



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