Kahrmann Coalition to Meet with NY DOH

Members of the Kahrmann Consumer Advocacy Coalition are expected to meet with Deputy Commissioner Mark Kissinger and other New York Department of Health officials in early February in part to discuss concerns about a recent DOH directive to transfer injury brain injury survivors living in the community to agencies that may not be prepared take them and, in doing so, destroy relationships with agencies that have been providing effective care, in some cases, for years.

We’re concerned that freedom of choice is being denied, that survivors may find themselves in places not equipped to support them and others may find themselves placed in nursing homes,” said coalition founder, Peter S. Kahrmann. 

Kahrmann, who lives with a brain injury as a result of being held up and shot in the head at point blank range in 1984, hopes the meeting will prove beneficial to all. “If they are talking with consumers and if this directive is being supported by consumers, that’s a healthy thing.  That’s not we’re hearing. Something simply being inflicted on consumers, not so healthy.”

Kissinger says agencies providing community support staff to 63 survivors of brain injuries will have to discharge their survivors to other agencies because they are not Licensed Home Care Agencies. Some of the agencies being asked to transfer people have been providing quality care for years with the Department of Health’s blessing.

Kahrmann said the Coalition has heard  the number of consumers being transferred exceeds the 63 reported  by DOH officials. “Right now the number we’re hearing is in the neighborhood of 150 people,” Kahrmann said.

The KCAC is a coalition of brain injury survivors, family members and other interested parties. “It is an extraordinary thing to see the coalition grow,” said Kahrmann.

Kahrmann said all coalition members are urged to become members of the Brain Injury Association of New York State. “They are the centerpiece for advocacy in the state,” he said.


Note: People interested in joining the KCAC can write to Mr. Kahrmann at peterkahrmann@gmail.com or write to, Kahrmann, P.O. Box 19, Westerlo, NY 12193



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