You Call Us Disabled…

How can you say your helping human beings if you don’t think of them as human beings?

My name is Luther Willis and before I get goin’ here I just want to thank Mr. Peter Kahrmann for lettin’ me write this here piece in his blog.

We talked some and I said what I had to say and he smiled and said, “Have it it then,” and I’m damn glad he did ‘cause you might know he has this here bullet in his head and him goin’ off has different meanings, one’ve’m bein’ mighty messy.

Anyway, he said I could have it,  so I’m gonna do just that.

I live with what most folks call a disability but the specifics of it are of no never mind here. The thing is, lots of people call us disabled when most of those doin’ the callin’ are  bad disabled. I mean to say I can’t think of a disability much worse than a mind that can’t see a person’s humanity ‘cause maybe they have a brain injury, or can’t see or can’t walk, things like that. What’s worse is I see and seen people in powerful places makin’ all kindsa decisions about people they don’t see as human.

Might as well be slave owners

How can you say your helping human beings if you don’t think of them as human beings? Seems impossible. And people inflictin’ rules and regulations on the lives of people they don’t know are people. Might as well be slave owners, ‘cause there ain’t much of a difference.

Now I don’t ‘spect New York’s a helluva lot different than other places, though it would be mighty nice if it was. Here in New York you got a health department that has an advisory board it ‘spose to listen to about people livin’ with brain injuries and it does everything with that there advisory board but listen to’em. Then you got a state agency ‘spose to work with this here Independent Living Council and some times you got to wonder if what spills outta that agency ain’t just plain back stabbing schoolyard shit.

Anyway, maybe if people realized all people are people, things might just get better, for all of us. Now what’s so bad about that??

Thanks for readin’ my words.

Yours Truly,

Luther Willis



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