Yes On Health Care Reform (Duh)

Here are the combatants.  In this corner we have President Obama and a large majority of the Americans, doctors and other health care professionals. In the other corner we have the insurance and drug companies along with a spate of self-serving Republicans and Democrats whose love of power outweighs their love of the American people.

More than 30 million uninsured Americans would receive healthcare benefits if the reform passes, and insurance companies could no longer deny coverage because someone has an existing medical condition.  In the recent healthcare summit, Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander said the health care reform question was too complicated to be resolved and other Republican senators out and out said the country can’t afford to cover the 30 million plus uninsured Americans, which, in case you were wondering, includes our children!

Too complicated? Are you kidding me? We’ve tackled all kinds of complex and dicey situations in this country and if health care reform is too hard for Senator Alexander to understand, perhaps the poor fellow should retire, sit on a grassy hill somewhere, and blow bubbles.

There are self-absorbed twits on both sides of the aisle and the majority of Americans are sick of it (pun intended).

There are American men, women and children dying every year because of the health care system which is run by the insurance companies and the drug companies who don’t give a rat’s ass about your health, just their profits. It’s that simple.

It would be an American tragedy to see the efforts of a truly good president wasted by greed on both sides of the aisle.

Call your members of congress and your senators and tell them a no vote on health care reform will force you to vote against them and urge everyone you know to vote against them.




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