The Coward that is Osama Bin Laden

To intentionally murder innocent civilians – including children – is as low and despicable as it gets. For Osama Bin Laden, the driving force behind the 9/11 murders  to whine about the possible execution of Khalid Sheik Mohamed as being out of line would be funny were it not nauseating and tied to such brutality. Mohamed, by the way, has admitted to being the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks.

That fact that I am against the death penalty has no bearing on the intent of this missive (personally I think life in solitary is far worse and in the case of Mohamed, a more appropriate punishment).

Bin Laden released an audiotape that was aired on al Jazeera Thursday in which he, in part, said, "It is fair to treat each other the same. War is a back-and-forth." Are you fucking kidding me? You murder more than 3,000 innocent people, celebrate their deaths,  and then talk about fairness? Lord knows I think Dick Cheney, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and others in the administration fully qualify as war criminals and in a perfect world would be prosecuted.  But they didn’t persuade a handful of whack-jobs to hijack some planes and murder thousands of innocent people with them. Bin Laden did that.

Bin Laden is a coward. A spoiled rich boy who proves what many messianic leaders prove, that people can be lemmings and follow the most dangerous, despicable and cowardly.

In the spirit of rigorous honesty, I am not as disturbed as I know I should be  when I say I would have no problem killing Osama Bin Laden.



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