Taken For Granted

What you have can be gone in a minute. This is a sentence I can place before you on the table and say, Look, it’s true. This doesn’t  mean you’ll fully get it nor does it mean you should be expected to. Nevertheless, Look, it’s true.

I don’t know if it’s my age, or simply enough days of sobriety under my belt, or perhaps reality just has a way of working its way into one’s mindset, but of late I am acutely aware of the fact nothing is forever, and so my appreciation for life, and all that is in it, is heightened and even more heartfelt than normal. Here in upstate New York for example we are in the first days of Spring. The lawns are richly verdant and buds are appearing on some trees and already opening on others. The early morning is filled with the audio jewels of birds singing and there are times my eyes tear up I am so swept up in happiness. Outside the window by my writing table a family of red squirrels feasts daily on the sunflower seeds I keep tossed across the lawn. I’ve named one Hal and another Henrietta and I frankly don’t care if I’ve got their genders right. There’s a little young one that joins them that I’ve named Henry.

There are times I lean back in my chair and watch them for I don’t know how long.  I am dazzled nearly to the point of giddiness by the delightful feathered curl of their tails as they devour one seed after another in their miniature paws.

My point in all this is that life can be and is beautiful. Don’t take it – or each other for that matter – for granted. If you are around someone who takes you for granted, perhaps you might want to disengage from them if in fact you’ve let them know how you feel. Know this; if anyone is taking you for granted they are doing so for reasons that are not your fault. In the process they failing to see the wonder that is you. You do not deserve to be overlooked by those in your life.

Anyway, enjoy your day, wherever you are. And thank you for reading this. You are not taken for granted by this writer. That, I promise you.


2 thoughts on “Taken For Granted

  1. Peter, You are so right. I cay say for the most part that there is rarely a day that goes by when I don't think of and appreciate the people who have not just helped me but changed my life. Our dedication to each other should not just be felt, but said as often as possible. I tell it to Jeff all the time,and thank him for his love and devotion. My friends and I remember to say how much we care for one another pretty regularly. Not taking them for granted is a lifelong committment. I recently wrote an article for our newsletter about Steve, my office roomie who is leaving. I will send it to you. The thought of his absense is not just heartbreaking but has prompted me to write about his place in my life for the last 10 years. Not taking people for granted is a wonderful reminder for us all. Trish


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