The Scum Among Us

Watching the plethora of lying and and stain of arrogance, deceit and greed  in the testimony today of Goldman Sachs financial executives (the latter term becoming a synonym for scum) is a sharp reminder to me that there are those among us who don’t care about their fellow human beings and will go to any lengths to convince you they do.

I watched people today and know specific people in the field of New York’s Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver without conscience who profess to have conscience, those who don’t care about the value of human life who profess to care about the value of human life. They are an insult to humanity as a whole. They are also an insult to those who honorably provide waiver services with their heart and soul. I would call on the latter to expose the former.

Like the financial executives referenced above, the scum of the waiver providers deserve to be exposed, criminally charged whenever possible, and jailed.


One thought on “The Scum Among Us

  1. Enough already. We get it. But why not take a proactive approach instead of being reactive? I would think working with providers would be far more productive than the off with their heads mentality. It is very disturbing.


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