One Indelible Truth

And so the hunt for a new home continues. I am not at all unique when I say not knowing where you will live next brings a formidable amount of stress that is, quite frankly, exhausting.

The other day I asked Christine to take my house plants to her house so they’d be safe. She was sweetly reluctant, rightly pointing out that the presence of plants was calming and uplifting. True, I said, “But keep in mind that the whole process of going through an experience like this is like a fire fight; you’re not going to get through it without being bloodied, without being damaged, wounded. The thing is you keep going, keep fighting.” In other words, allow the experience, and all that comes with it.

Not easy. And, in a word, terrifying.

It is striking to me, though not at all surprising, that the large majority of those reaching out to me are people who, like me, are in recovery and the loved ones of same. With some exceptions, there has been pretty much silence from all others. Nothing unique there. And it’s okay. People are people with, like me, frailties and limits. So goes the wonderful and perplexing world of humanity.

There is one indelible and glorious truth that is by no means lost on me. I am alive and therefore afforded the privilege of going through this experience – one day at a time.



3 thoughts on “One Indelible Truth

  1. A fire fight, Peter, bloodied, damaged, wounded? Yes, it's hard to leave a home you've adored with all the wonderful memories it brings. Yes, it's nerve racking worrying about the dogs, the plants, the other plants in your garden. But it's not a fire fight, where you will always end up bloodied, damaged, and wounded. I suppose if your frontal lobe damage takes over it might be, could be. Or you could spin it around like I did this year and say, "Holy Cow!" I get to pick out a new place, meet new neighbors, reorient myself to another community, look at the land, the stars, and the horizon from a different perspective. Lucky, Lucky Me! I can't wait to see what this new adventure brings. Stress? Sure. Bloody battle? Not necessarily. Ride the wave my friend, ride the wave, enjoy —–> there is time to find a new place, make a home, get centered. How about a little, or a lotta hope? anticipation? curiosity?

  2. You make is sound so easy and yet it is not.I have known Peter for some years now and don't always agree with him regarding his views. But I take offense at the anonymous comment.I don't think anyone has the right to judge his feelings regarding leaving the one home he has felt comfortable in for the past 10 years.The place he has made his own, his safe haven. I haven't been homeless, have you? I can't imagine what it is like to live on the streets, or in abandoned buildings. Unless you have experienced what he has gone through in his life you cannot scorn what he feels in his heart.He has the right to describe it, whatever way he desires, because you have not been in his shoes. Do you have frontal lobe damage? Whether you do or don't is not the issue. People feel what they feel and there is not a right or wrong here. Your advice is insulting. You make fun of the words he uses and then tell him how he should feel.How old are you? 10? Sorry buddy, but I am pretty sure that your experience is not the same as Peter's. If it were, I think you would have a much better understanding of what he is going through right now.You do not seem to be a compassionate person. Perhaps you need to take a better look on the inside and judge yourself a bit more, instead of others. Good luck with that; I think you'll need it. Trisha

  3. AMEN Trisha. Peter, you have every right to feel all that you are feeling, every right to each tear, and each fear.You always told me that moving was one of life's most stressful events in life, right up there with divorce and death. I have been there, done that, and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, let a lone an amazing person as yourself.Grieve, feel, embrace what you had. Take pictures, take flowers, take vegtables, take something to keep with you to always remember with. When the time is right, and the new place is right, you will know. You will just know. NO ONE can push or force the issue. On your terms only.In the end, the light at the end of the tunnel will shine, and there will be understanding that everything happens for a reason. But, that doesn't make it any easier, does it?Mary Myers


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