Need a Good Snarl?

Your moseying about the world one day thinking, Damn, it’s been a long time since I’ve been angry, annoyed, peeved. Hell, I could use a good snarl. What should I do? Answer? Go house hunting and enter the world of realtors. Trust me, you’ll be snarling and foaming at the mouth in no time.

With apologies to the honest realtors out there (I think I just apologized to a number not exceeding five) the world of realty may well be the destination of the planet’s leech fields. 

Recently we bid on a house and the bid was accepted and as soon as the bid was accepted a realtor who swore up and down that the other bidder was tapped out suddenly revealed that the other bidder had miraculously come up with another $20,000 and bid $5,000 over the asking price. I immediately left a voice mail and fired off an email putting the realtor on notice that if there was even a speck of illegality – fraud for instance – all legal remedies would be brought to bear on the situation.

The realtor, the listing agent for the house, not the realtor we’re working with (she is one of the gloriously wonderful five), apparently whined that he’d been threatened. No shit, bro. You were.

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