Anywhere But Me

Everybody’s texting, X-Gaming, PCing, laptoping, TVing, or talking on their (not so) smart phones. It’s as if we want, or are being encouraged, to be anywhere but the moment we’re in. Anywhere but with ourselves. Once we are so disengaged, we are all the more controllable. Capitalism is not democracy.  It is very much the never ending pressure to get us to spend money by convincing us our value is located in things outside ourselves, as long as they cost money.

We are inundated with the message that the more money things cost, the more “valuable” they are, and the more “valuable” they are, the more “successful” we are if we own them  in the eyes of, well, who? In the eyes of the very people who are trying to get you to buy this crap in the first place,  who are trying to sell us one gadget after another, gadgets that foster addiction. If there is anything addiction does (it destroys your life)  it keeps you out of the moment you’re in. Our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are neglected and starved as a result.

Were we truly born to fill the pockets of others and sacrifice the miraculous in-the-moment experience of our own lives?

I know of instances were people living in the same house text each other rather than meet in the same room (God forbid) and talk.  Hell, people sit in the same room with each other, each on their computer, and while away the hours without exchanging so much as a single word, other than to utter non-impressive robotic monotone nuggets like: “Fuckin’ computer’s slow” or, “Damned email won’t open.” There are pictures of people in such staggeringly beautiful places as the Grand Canyon entirely missing the majesty of their surrounding because they are on their cell phones!

And what is the upshot of all this? We are drawn away from the moment we are in in life.  We are robbed of our lives. If there is anything we don’t deserve it is to have our lives robbed by the greed and manipulation of others.

Life is too short and too precious. Remember to live the moment you’re in. As a dear friend of mine once said, “The moment you’re in is the only place you have to be.”




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