A Challenge to Glenn Beck, an American Disgrace

I don’t mind honest differences of opinion and the ability to share them honest, openly and equally. I do, however, very much mind when a self-aggrandizing twit like Glenn Beck purposefully and knowingly misleads those who believe in him, all to fill his pockets with money and his ego with a false sense of importance, the hell with the fact there are honest and decent Americans being taken in by his ruse, one component of which is his faux crying.

One video captures his crying ruse with sickening clarity. Equally disturbing to Beck’s seedy dishonesty and willful manipulation of the American people is the fact those on the set in this video apparently find the ruse funny.  But the ruse is meant to do what? Mislead the American people. And why mislead them? Not because he loves my country as he disingenuously claims, but because he is an attention and money whore and wants more of both.

Since, as Mr. Beck is now claiming, the “spirit” is speaking through him, one can assume he’s got some pretty nifty life guidance and would not be apt to make a mistake in judgment. Hmm, Glenn? Having said that, I’d like to extend a challenge Mr. Weepy, it’s the way we settled things back in my reform school days and it is, in a word foreign to Beck, fair. Why don’t you and I put the gloves on and  go three rounds, just for fun. We’ll both wear head gear and given that you are 10 years younger than me and don’t have a hole in your skull or a bullet lodged in your brain, you could get lucky with a couple of good head shots.

However, you’ve got to land those shots and when it comes to that, I actually don’t care what the “spirit” is telling you, although perhaps it is suggesting the vapo-rub the make-up artist is putting in your eyes for your faux tears may be why you’re having your so-called vision problems, numb nuts. If you put the gloves on with me there is a very strong possibility that it will be quite some time before you can return to work, a wonderful respite indeed for the American family. Moreover, if you put the gloves on with me,  I can promise you two things: you won’t finish the three rounds and your tears will be real. 


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