A Filibuster Against Equal Rights

It is sad but not surprising that Congressional Republicans are planning a filibuster against equal rights, something my country says  it stands for. 

With President Obama now pushing for the repeal of the U.S. military’s don’t ask don’t tell policy, a policy title that is nothing more than kindergarten vernacular in the best light and an underpinning for bigotry in the most accurate light. Whether we are talking about the right to serve as who you are or, for that matter, the right to marry as who you are, bigotry never deserves to win the day.

There are tragic truths in this. One is simple and direct: human beings who happen to be Gay or Lesbian continue to be denied equal rights in the United States of America. Another is there are members of Congress who will actually get more votes because they deny people their equal rights. If you’ve ever watched the remarkable documentary Outrage you will learn that some of the most vociferous anti- gay voices are, well, gay! Among them are current Florida Governor Gary Crist and former Idaho senator Larry Craig of airport bathroom fame.

As Washington Post staff writer Dan Zak pointed out, the film “has a dreadful logic to it: If our leaders aren’t true to themselves, how can they possibly be true to us?”  True that.

And so here we are in the 21st Century once again watching many of the nation’s lackaleaders fight for bigotry, fight for the denial of equal rights, and claim the high ground while doing so, which kind of like running people over with your car on purpose and claiming you are teaching safe driving at the same time. This analogy is no stretch. Republican leadership is doing exactly that, running over the equal rights of fellow Americans while claiming to support equal rights at the same time.

There is only one appropriate time for equal rights: now.




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