NYSARC & Feeney: the Corruption Continues

One has to wonder what St. Lawrence NYSARC is thinking about by inviting Tim Feeney to present at an upcoming conference on brain injury. St. Lawrence NYSARC his he is not a PhD yet accepting the fact he represents himself as such.  The brochure lists Feeney as “ the Clinical Director of the New York Neurobehavioral Resource Project at STIC (Sothern Tier Independence Center in Binghamton). The clinical corruption with a hefty incestuous streak becomes clearer by the day.

Feeney, as you may recall, was issued  a bogus “masters” degree as well as a bogus “PhD” by the now defunct  diploma mill, Greenwich University.

Consider this.

  • Emails to Maria Dibble, the executive director of STIC from the Kahrmann Advocacy Coalition, founded by and run by brain injury survivors and their families, the very people STIC and Feeney claim to care about, have simply been ignored.
  • Despite being fully informed about the fact Feeney does not have a valid PhD or a valid Masters degree, STIC appears to be perfectly comfortable with his misrepresenting himself, which does not say much for either’s opinion of survivors of brain injury and their loved ones, nor does it say much for their respect for the honest health care providers who are battling under great financial strain to provide the best services.
  • As for the hefty incestuous streak, add up the following facts:
    • Pat Gumson, the former DOH employee who, along with Bruce Rosen, oversaw the state’s TBI waiver, used to be a STIC employee.
    • This will be the second time STIC has, for all intents and purposes, acted as a front for Feeney.
    • The State Education Department oversees Independent Living Centers in the state. Who is the State Ed’s manager of the state’s ILCs, Robert Gumson, Pat Gumson’s husband.

What you can be sure of is the days of this corruption are numbered. I am not at liberty, yet, to disclose why this is so, but it is.  In the meantime, the tragedy is that a clinical predator like Feeney is enabled by the likes of STIC and others and this simply underscores what many of us who live with disabilities deal with on an all too regular basis; the message that somehow we are less valuable than others.

4 thoughts on “NYSARC & Feeney: the Corruption Continues

  1. Peter, I'm always left frustrated by your posts about Feeney. I understand and support your challenge to his bogus degrees, but that's what you mostly forefront in your posts. You don't regularly describe his misdeeds on behalf of clients or services (except for single post) and so your naming of him as a "clinical predator" doesn't read as authentic. Instead, the posts sound like a dog with a bone that won't or can't get over it and as if you have a personal (undescribed) grudge against the man. So that we can support you and the Kahrmann Advocacy Coalition with accuracy, could you move on to what specific transgressions he has committed that make him undeserving of heading up projects, running workshops, communicating with clients? So far you've only described two incidents and in a lifelong stint at the helm two incidents don't raise much attention. Anyone can make a mistake (not show up to a meeting, speak badly about a client) in a decade or more…Show us/Tell us more about where he has gone wrong. That's the real grist… Thanks.

  2. You are an inspiration to so many, but ENOUGH ALREADY! It is your right, of course, to continue, but there are so many other serious issues confronting TBI survivors. Let the "powers that be" resolve this.

  3. The voting public of NYS, including those with a wide array of disabilities ARE INDEED the "powers that be"!!! Leaving said powers to sort themselves out has apparently not worked for us so far. People with disabilities have a vested interest in speaking outfor one another, supporting truth and seeking justice. The views expressed here are mild compared to the actual, real-life damage and near evil that has befallen families and survivors of brain injury in New York at the hands of the person at question, TF. And unfortunately, individuals with brain injuries aren't always in a position to defend or represent themselves…THAT's what the "powers that be" get paid to do – supposedly. ONLY one small boy stood up to say aloud that the Emperor WORE NO CLOTHES…good job, PK…someone has to tell it like it is.

  4. Furthermore – there is no MORE SERIOUS ISSUE than having an individual like TF appointed the "gate keeper" to essential programming and needed services; to have HIM ON THE CASE, demonstrating such very poor role-modeling for our young survivors on how to cope (aggressively), socialize (loudly and by using profanity), make appropriate judgements (yelling and cursing people out always shows good judgement) and speak to others(like they are something he is wiping off his shoes) – be the very person who gets to decide the fate of desperate and broken people who need the intended services desperately TO LIVE! to be deemed "worthy" by this guy of all the "great stuff" NYS has to offer – wrong guy, wrong position(s), wrong for the survivors of NYS. And those agencies who feel he is worthy of employment in their programs – cognitive dissonance is the phrase that comes to mind.


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