The Dangerous Dysfunction that is Carl Paladino

I am hoping that enough of my fellow New Yorkers know a dangerous nut when they see one. I’m talking about Carl Paladino, the racist, sexist, homophobe whose recent angry outbursts are, in the best light, childish thuggery. In the worst and more accurate light, they are a reflection of a hateful, dangerously dysfunctional human being.

He says he does not discriminate against Gays, a claim that would be laughable were it’s deceit not so dangerous. In other words, he’s lying. In a recent speech in Brooklyn he said he doesn’t want children “being brainwashed into thinking homosexuality” is acceptable. That’s discrimination right there because it discriminates against the rights of gays and lesbians to be treated as normal human beings, which, of course, they are. A line that was written in his speech but he did not say was, “"There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual." Again, more discrimination.

Stating the obvious bears no weight with the Paladinos of the world, i.e. taking the time to explain you either are or are not homosexual just as you either are or are not heterosexual. It’s not a matter of choice anymore than ones skin pigmentation is a matter of choice. It is dysfunctional – and destructively painful all around – when someone tries to be someone they are not.

But Paladino’s bigotry and hatred does not limit itself to gays and lesbians.  The tpmmuckraker’s site clearly documents some of Paladino’s racist emails. For example he sent an email in July 2009  “showing a photograph of an airplane landing directly behind a group of black men. The caption reads: "Holy Sh*t. run ni**ers, run!" Another Paladino email, sent in September 2009, read, "Easy Steady Big Fella….XXXX," with a photograph that graphically depicts a horse having sex with a woman.”

On top of all this is the disturbing and telling silence from New York State’s Republican Party leadership. How on earth can anyone remain silent in the face of this kind of hatred? For what reason? While the entire answer to their silence cannot be fully explained, there are two components that can be: they don’t give a damn who their candidate is as long as they get power, and in their veins runs the ability to accept racism, sexism and homophobia, which means they too suffer from the same dangerous bigotry dysfunctions as Paladino.


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