Yankees Michael Kay Strikes Out

Even though Willie Mays is my favorite baseball player of all time, I’ve been a Yankee fan all my life. I remember watching Mantle, Ford, Clete Boyer, Bobby Richardson, Maris, Tresh, Kubeck and more. I’m a Yankee fan through and through. I also believe in fair play and class acts in sports. A class act, something Yankee announcer Michael Kay is not.

Michael Kay first got on my bad side when I heard him say he does not like it when NYC cabbies try to engage him in conversation. As a former NYC Cabby I find that offensive.

Disparaging NYC cabbies? Strike one, Michael!

Watching Michael Kay host Center Stage on the YES Network makes me wince. There is this segment called hit-and-run in which Kay asks his guests a series of questions, usually prefaced by Kay’s announcement that his guests have never felt pressure like they’re gonna feel during hit-and-run.  Kay makes me cringe I think he actually believes this. I don’t want to be the one to break the news to him but I’m betting folks like Bill Parcells, John McEnroe, Jay-Z, Andy Petite, George Foreman, Michael Irwin and more have faced a helluva lot more pressure than answering Kay’s rather dopey hit-and-run questions.

And then, we have the first game of the this years ALCS series pitting the Yankees against the Texas Rangers. The Yankees come back from a five run deficit in the first game to win, prompting Kay to proclaim the series over. Such a pronouncement not only is poor sportsmanship by any measure, it disrespects the Rangers, Yankees and the game of baseball itself. It’s also just flat out stupid.

Proclaiming the series over after one game? Strike two, Michael!

Since nitwit Kay’s series’ is over announcement the Yankees .lost the next three games and won the fourth, so at this writing they are down three games to two in a best of seven series.

Being a Yankee announcer you’d think Kay would remember the phrase, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over” which was first uttered by Yankee hall of fame Catcher Yogi Berra!

Strike three, Michael! You’re out!


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