Dazzling Displays of Integrity

While it is important to hold people accountable for their unhealthy choices, it is equally important to acknowledge and praise people who display the all too rare strength of character, class and courage to step up the plate and accept responsibility for their choices.

So, this blog essay is being written to thank and praise Natalie Marabello and Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital and, I would be utterly remiss if I did not single out Dr. James Reed, CEO of Northeast Health (they own Sunnyview) and Edward J. Eisenman, CEO of Sunnyview.

Ms. Marabello and I had two difficult telephone conversations, resulting in my filing a strongly worded complaint, so much so I’d urged that she be fired, something I am, at this writing, genuinely glad did not happen.

During the complaint investigation correspondence moved about including letters to the two CEOs. Sunnyview was so wonderfully responsive their response ought to serve as a template for all. There response was kind, thorough, and in no way sought to duck responsibility. In fact, exactly the opposite. They were and are all about accepting responsibility. A dazzlingly display of integrity.

Today I encountered yet another dazzling display of integrity. I received a wonderful letter from Ms. Marabello. Like Sunnyview’s management, she too did not look to duck responsibility, in fact her words displayed the kind of accountability and class and decency anyone could possibly hope for.

So here’s to Sunnyview and here’s to Natalie Marabello! If all companies and professionals mirrored their actions referenced here, the world would be a better place for sure.


One thought on “Dazzling Displays of Integrity

  1. Sunnyview staff have always been top-notch. The RRDS' there have always been most helpful and responsive. So, I was so disappointed about what happened to you. I'm so glad to see this worked out to your satisfaction.Sheila B.


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