Growing a Culture of Hate

No one but Jared L. Loughner is responsible for the shooting deaths and wounds in Arizona yesterday, but there are people in this country, from both sides of the aisle and from nearly all walks of life who are responsible for building a culture of hate, and hate breeds violence.

Whether it’s politicians or so-called community leaders who mark their opponents locations with the cross-hairs of a weapon or by declaring that anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy, it has to stop. Will it? Not any time soon.  Why won’t it stop any time soon? Because more people than any of us would like to admit simply don’t care about the lives of other people; it is really as simple as that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people with disabilities like me being treated as if they are anything but human. Many of us are treated as if we are an inconvenience. When I see opposition to gay marriage (something I support by the way) I wonder why there is so much anger in it? Someone is different than we are or holds a different view than we do and so many of us get angry at that? Someone needs to declare a universal time-to-grow up moment.

As for the widespread proliferation of guns in this country, the expression guns don’t kill people people do is utterly asinine.  It’s damn hard to shoot someone if you don’t have a gun. Wait, if you don’t have a gun, it would be impossible to shoot someone, now wouldn’t it.


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