Me’n Theo

As many of you know, it’s not easy to find a good roommate or housemate. Get stuck with the wrong one and the experience can be downright miserable. I got lucky with Theo.

Theo was already living here when I moved in. He lives upstairs from me.  Actually, he lives right over my writing room. We’re both possessed of private natures and keep to ourselves. For the most part he is an easy housemate to get along with. He does not play loud music. He does not have loud parties. I don’t think he’s had a visitor since I moved in some 12 weeks ago.

There are other pluses to Theo. He doesn’t mess with my food and I don’t mess with his. And while we don’t hang out or go for walks together, he loves the outdoors as much as I do. Sometimes I see him outside and he has remarkable energy. The cold never seems to bother him  probably because he’s an exercise nut. He runs everywhere! I don’t know where he gets the energy and stamina.

We’re both early risers. I like my early hours in my writing room, the nest, as I call it. It was during my first days here that I learned Theo does not like being bossed. I’d be in my writing room early in the morning trying to write or read and sure enough, Theo would wake up and start walking around non-stop right above me. Being sound-sensitive to begin with, listening to my housemate walking around non-stop in the morning right over my nest drove me nuts. He does not intimidate either. Yelling at him to shut up or pounding on the walls and ceiling to get him to quiet down had no effect whatsoever.

Curiously, I’ve come to enjoy hearing him in the morning. I admire his independent spirit, his penchant for privacy, and his industrious early morning routines. And, I’m proud to say, I’ve finally accepted that he does not like to be bossed. After all, I’ve never met a squirrel that does.

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