The writing on the wall says I  need to move by next November; current realities make this so. Where am I hoping to move to? Western Massachusetts, southern Vermont, or somewhere in New York not too fare from the Massachusetts border. Requirements? That wherever I move is quiet and embraced by nature, doesn’t mind my dogs, and is a place I can afford on disability with whatever subsides may be available.

One of my current tasks is to learn all I can about what kind of help is available in Massachusetts and Vermont for folks with a disability.

I do not want an apartment and am instead looking for a cottage or bungalow. If could inflict a must on the next abode, it would be the presence of a fireplace or woodstove. I have found an unexpected benefit in the presence of a woodstove where I am now; it helps me out-battle agoraphobia. I collect wood and kindling and once I’m out am taking walks. This has done wonders for my health, my physical condition and, not incidentally, helps with anxiety.

I can tell you that having to move is emotionally grueling and, well, exhausting.


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