Disrespecting the Last (and All) WWI Veterans

No excuse, not if you care a whit about what our young men and women endured in World War I; not when the very last doughboy has just died at 110 years of age; not when this man gave his all always for his country. And now, the Republican and Democrat leadership in congress in the persons of John Boehner and Harry Reid have denied the family’s and West Virginia’s request that Frank Buckles lie in honor in the capitol rotunda, something that would honor all those Americans who fought in World War I, my grandfather being one of them.

Boehner enlisted in the Navy in 1968,  only to be discharged with a bad back eight weeks later and from what I can tell, Reid was never in the service.

Bravo to Shelley Moore Capito, the Republican Congresswoman from West Virginia who is fighting hard to make this well-deserved honoring of Mr. Buckles and all WWI vets a reality.

How do the members of congress sleep at night when they make decisions like this? Never mind the 4.7 million Americans who served during WWI, never mind the more than 100,000 that died, and the hell with the more than 200,000 wounded. And, by the way, never mind the large majority of Americans who would very much like to see Mr. Buckles and all who served in World War I honored as requested.

To deny this honor to Mr. Buckles and all  WWI veterans is disgusting, despicable and, by the way, un-American.


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