Two Slices of Bread

Today a very early morning walk downstairs to the kitchen wondering what I have left to eat to absorb the day’s first cup of coffee, though, as always, there are several bags of frozen vegetables to cook-up. Funny how when things get tight the diet gets healthier.

Walking now through the living room I smile, comforted by the sight of books stacked on the side table next to my reading chair:  “The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge” by David McCullough,  the complete collection of Bernard Malamud’s short stories along with his “The Assistant” and “Dubin’s Lives.” And then there is “Steinbeck: A Centennial Tribute” by Stephen K. George and last and anything but least, a remarkable biography of Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellman. I am not alone!

In the kitchen now I hit the button on the coffee machine. I nearly always prepare it the night before and that magical morning push of the button is one of my favorite moments of the day. I open the refrigerator knowing there is not much in there now at the end of the month but you never know. Seconds after seeing two tomatoes which will do the trick I spot a crumbled package containing two slices of bread. I toast up both slices, slather them with strawberry preserves, and now I’m in early morning heaven, made all the more so by pouring my first cup of coffee and quietly sipping it as I watch two Canadian geese at the edge of the pond, both still, enjoying the morning just like me.

After a few minutes of drinking in this delicious moment I head back upstairs to my writing room, making a mental note as I climb the stairs to buy extra bread after my disability check comes in so I can share some with the geese.

One thought on “Two Slices of Bread

  1. Ahhhh Peter, I can even smell it. Even now at 3 p.m. I will have to go and make my favorite coffee – Roasted and ground Dandelion Root and Coffee. I so melt into this amazing aroma and flavor. Its been one of my daily staples morning and afternoon for so many yrs. Yes, I roast it myself. Oh and yes, I dig it too( of course with lots of help). Its magnificent! 🙂


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