Actions Speak Louder than… (you know the rest)

Last year I had a face to face meeting with three officials from the New York State Department of Health: Mark Kissinger, deputy commissioner, Mary Ann Anglin, Division Director, and Carla Williams,  a deputy director and tough-guy wannabe.

Our conversation at the time, one the three officials insisted not be recorded, probably because Williams knew she was going to launch into what can best be described as laughable attempt to be intimidating, revolved around the state’s decision to sign a contract that would allow Timothy J. Feeney back into the state’s TBI waiver knowing full well he misrepresents his credentials. The contract was signed with STIC (Southern Tier Independence Center) in Binghamton. “STIC’s the one that’s on the hook” said Williams, mustering up a dramatically poor imitation of a snarling delivery. “If they don’t live up to the contract it’s on them.”

I left the meeting thinking there may have been at least some sincerity in their claim that survivors would be treated well and with respect and my oh my how all three said they cared so much. I was wrong, though, even now, I think Anglin might. I say I was wrong because Feeney while operating under the contract and being paid by your tax dollars continues to misrepresent his credentials and even though a complaint was filed with the DOH, they have not responded.  Why? They simply don’t care.

Don’t believe me? Ask them. Write to Kissinger at or Anglin at or Williams at

If you want some real fun, write to the DOH’s Beth Gnozzio who issued a directive in a phone conference that TBI Waiver staff are not allowed to appear in support of their clients in Medicaid Fair Hearings. As her why she and the DOH refuse to put this directive in writing? Gnozzio can be reached at

And copy me if you’d like.

One thought on “Actions Speak Louder than… (you know the rest)

  1. never read so much shit in just one place. what should that be about???? you'll better stop bloggin. the world doesn't need another needles blog like this.


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