Trump the Chump

Everywhere I turn there’s Donald Trump, not simply making an ass of himself, but finding ever more dopier ways of doing it, and somewhere in  his small narcissistic mind which, by the way, matches his facial features that are way too small for his face. Hell,  his mouth must’ve stopped growing when he was five and, as we all know, he has the only hair any of us has ever seen that actually suffers with dyslexia, he seems determined to and has succeeded in appearing as non-presidential as possible.



Like the spoiled brat that he is, Trump repeatedly called American leaders stupid (proves he writes his own speeches, I’ll give him that) in Las Vegas yesterday and made sure to drop the F bomb on more than one occasion.

As for his assertions that he is a financial whiz and financially responsible, that too is a joke; several times his companies have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy so he can reshuffle the deck and make his money. In a 2005 Chapter 11 filing Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts acknowledged they were $1.3 billion in debt and had only $1.5 million in assets. Yeah, great. That’s who I want at the head of my country.

Since Trump seems to like the F word, I’d like to share one of my favorite movie quotes with him. In the 1988 movie Midnight Run, Robert De Niro plays an ex cop turned bounty hunter who brings back a fugitive accountant who ripped of the mob played by Charles Grodin. At one point Grodin’s character infuriates De Niro’s. De Niro turns to Grodin and says, “I got two words for you. Shut the fuck up!”

Nuff’ said, Hey Donny?


One thought on “Trump the Chump

  1. Dear Peter, You might want to check out Seth Meyer's speech at the White House Correspondence Dinner (Parts I and II google it!). It has a lot of good Trump material.


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