The BIANYS Journey of Nope Gala

“The Brain Injury Association of New York State is the premier support and advocacy organization for New Yorkers with brain injury and their families,” according to the letter. One would be hard pressed to find a statement less true than that.

The letter is a BIANYS fund raising letter asking everyone to donate money to assist them in their “important work” at the fourth annual Journey of Hope Gala (renamed above for accuracy’s sake) at some pricey location in New York City. BIANYS should stop with the spin and be straight about what work they do, and, equally important, what work they don’t do. Perhaps when the authors of the letter, Gala co-chairs Rosemarie diSalvo and Bradley Van Nostrand learn BIANYS is not the advocacy organization it wants everyone to think it is they’ll pause and rethink their involvement.

Perhaps too, when actresses Lorraine Bracco and Penny Marshall, both of whom, according to one website “have stocked the (gala’s) silent auction with celebrity memorabilia from their friends and several of their friends” learn they are supporting an organization that isn’t what it says it is, they’ll re-think their involvement. After all, BIANYS support for New York’s brain-injured individuals and their families is anemic at best. Three Albany-based BIANYS support groups came to an end recently because of BIANYS refusal to reimburse support group leaders for their out-of-pocket expenses and, in the Albany case, a rejection of the pleadings for help from support group members, made up of, you guessed it, the very brain-injured individuals and family members BIANYS says it cares about. 

While BIANYS claims it can’t afford to reimburse its volunteers for their expenses, lets review the cost of attending the gala, as an individual or in one of several sponsor levels which lands you extra tickets (hold onto your hat).

  • Gala Ticket $300
  • Patron Sponsor: $400 (1 ticket)
  • Friend Sponsor: $1,000 (2 tickets)
  • Leadership Sponsor: $2,500 (6 tickets)
  • Bronze Sponsor: $7,500 (8 tickets)
  • Silver Sponsor: $10,000 (10 tickets)
  • Gold Sponsor: $15,000 (20 tickets)
  • Platinum Sponsor: $25,000 (30 tickets)

I wonder how many brain-injured individuals on fixed incomes and their families will be going.

Enough said.


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