Living the day I’m in

Music jazz shape-shifts my morning and the daylight gently takes over the sky, and this day I know is well worth living. Yours too.

There are problems galore in life, some changing shape daily, some seem to cling, some flit and leave, but none take the life found in today, the day I’m always in. You too.

For me it’s Bruce, Beethoven, Jazz, Beatles, Dylan, and then some. For me it’s Dickens, Steinbeck, J.G. Farrell, Dos Passos, Garcia Marquez, and then some. For me it’s dawn breaking, thunderstorms, birds (all of them), a fawn drinking from mom across the way, wild turkeys pride-waddling ‘cross the yard, the soul-sound of a Red Tail Hawk, and then some. For me the all of life in my day makes my heart sing. Yours too.

And then of course the loss lived with, people gone physically forever (far too many, too many), days and times gone by, but all alive in my daily strides and lifted chin, and the gift of tomorrow which will always be me in the day I’m in. You too.

And so each day is always today a gift I know and am grateful for; it easily might not be here. And so, smiling at my presence in the moment I’m in, remembering to live. You remember too.


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