Kaplen & Avner hijacked NY State’s Brain Injury Council

In what can only be described as a self-serving power grab and utter disrespect for their colleagues and brain-injured New Yorkers, Michael Kaplen and Judith Avner continue to control the New York State’s Traumatic Brain Injury Services Coordinating Council (TBISCC) even though their terms on the council expired in 2004 and 2003 respectively.

A document released to a member of the Kahrmann Advocacy Coalition by the New York State Department of Health reveals that Kaplen’s term expired on February 12, 2004 and Avner’s term expired on August 9, 2003.  The fact they continue to show up at meetings and claim the mantel of council chair and vice-chair is, at minimum, an astonishing display of arrogance and, in an even harsher light,  a rather self-serving desire on both their parts to be the center of attention and control the state’s dialogue on brain injury.  Avner is the current executive director of the Brain Injury Association of NY State,  Kaplen is its past president. Both are lawyers. Advertisements for Kaplen’s law firm display a focus on representing brain-injured New Yorkers.

The TBISCC was formed in 1994 by an act of the state legislature and it can be and should be an important presence beneficial to brain injured-New Yorkers, providers of services to brain-injured New Yorkers and, not at all incidentally, the Department of Health. By design and purpose the council is there to provide the Department of Health with proposals for services for Brain-Injured New Yorkers. A review of council minutes under Kaplen and Avner reveals that the council has offered virtually nothing under their watch in the way of proposals.

As a brain-injured New Yorker and as one whose name is linked to the largest grassroots advocacy group for brain-injured New Yorkers in the state, I can tell you that the TBISCC must be allowed to flourish and act on its mission, two things that will not happen if it continues to be hijacked by two individuals who are not even members of the council anymore.

6 thoughts on “Kaplen & Avner hijacked NY State’s Brain Injury Council

  1. You are absolutely correct. More TBI survivors need to be in leadership roles, not lawyers which serve their own interests. It's time for a change and the time is now. Dave ListowskiSyracuse, NYTBI survivor 1988 car wreck


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